By the way... my birthday is July 20th...

Inviting Your Gifts: A Gratitude Note

Hey lovelies! Allie here, and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your incredible support. Your kindness has been truly overwhelming, and I feel so grateful every day for this community we're building together. If you're interested, I wanted to share that I'm open to receiving your thoughtful gifts. Whether it's your artistic creations, a small token of appreciation, or maybe even something fun that you think would make for exciting content, your generosity never ceases to amaze me. Please remember there's absolutely no obligation to send anything, your love and support through comments, likes, and shares are more than enough for me. But if you do choose to send a gift, know that each one will be received with so much love and the biggest Allie-style grin you can imagine. Thank you for being the most incredible fans a girl could ask for. Big virtual hugs to all of you! P.S. - My measurements: Bust 27"; Waist 22"; Hip 33"; High hip 30"; Front waist length 16"; Back waist length 16"; Arm length 21".

Gifting address: PO Box 1782; Springfield, Missouri 65801

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